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Happy earth day…

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dany + getting real tired of your shit

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the shitty thing about having read a book in which a major character dies in the end is that when you see the movie it’s so fucking painful because when you’re seeing that character and whenever they’re smiling all you can think of is “you’re gonna fucking die” like you can literally feel your soul being ripped out of your chest

I’m looking at you

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The opening credits for the 70's show 'The Brady Brunch' featured the characters set out in the same grid as this (note: this is the DVD selection) One of the Charlie's Angels signature moves was flipping their hair with a slo-mo effect Here we see Fiona using a Spinning Bird Kick and Shoryuken from the Street Fighter game series This one is pretty self-explanatory Donkey is singing a variation of the Rawhide theme song. Rawhide was a Western Drama from the late 50's Remember Lumière the candlestick and Cogsworth the clock from Disney's Beauty and the Beast? In the Swan Lake story, the main character Odette is transformed into a swan during the day, here the spell is reversed In the Wizard of Oz, when the Wicked Witch of the West gets water thrown over her she screams In Jurassic Park Tim Murphy watches water ripples in a cup signalling a T-Rex's approach, much like Mongo's In the opening credits of the original TV series, a fuse is lighted and the theme played. After this Pinocchio makes a more elaborate and less flattering parody of the cable drop scene from the film


Pop Culture References in Shrek 2 (3/?)

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Lilo and Stitch presenting an accurate representation of Hawaiians perspective on luaus held by tourists. 

#what’s sad about this is that this is actually what Hawaiians had to do when the western culture took over #a luau was a sacred practice #until the westerners took the concept and had the audacity to change it into a time to stuff your face with food and put on grass skirts and coconut bras and dance the hula #and when they had these events, they didn’t even let actual Hawaiian people in #so to make money to take care of themselves, the Hawaiians were hired to work in these disgraceful events to clean up after the tourists like slaves only to make less than a buck #so good job disney for doing your fucking research and educating these people #sadly, this still goes on even until today and it makes me sick

"good job disney" my ass, good job CHRIS SANDERS

Let’s not credit just Chris Sanders for this. This happened because they cast actual Hawaiian Actors like Tia Carrere and Jason Scott Lee to play Hawaiian characters, and allowed the actors to have input into writing the characters’ lines. 

This sort of authenticity comes from accuracy and authenticity in casting choices. The fact that Chris Sanders as direct/writer facilitated that does not mean he gets credit for the actors’ experience.

This is why diversity and representation in media matters.

lilo and stitch is basically the only disney movie that actually matters

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The road so far…

That’s a good name… Sting.

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Fuck symmetry a lot is the lesson to be learned here

This is the part where I put something hipster between its horns right


Fuck symmetry a lot is the lesson to be learned here

This is the part where I put something hipster between its horns right

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Can’t make it to London 2015 to see Benedict in Hamlet?
Missed Tom in Coriolanus?

Check out Shakespeare plays in 3 panels…


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Do you still need more proof of rape culture?

As Noam Chomsky once pointed out for Z Magazine, old media types from the institutional bodies like American Enterprise Institute tend to regurgitate the same ideas with a reliability that is equally impressive and infuriating. While assuring the public that rape is a terrible crime, writers like Caroline Kitchens and Heather McDonald of right-wing think tank The Manhattan Institute try to claim that feminists have blown this whole rape culture thing way out of proportion.

Apparently, many women disagree. On Tuesday there were more than 1 million responses on the #RapeCultureIsWhen hashtag started by a frustrated Zerlina Maxwell in response to these right-wing narratives. 

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Keep speaking up!!!!!


Rape culture is when you want to discuss with someone how disgusted you were that a horrible character was raped, and you just get told that she had it coming. Just because she was a horrible character, doesn’t mean she deserves to be raped…

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Joffrey hate aside, I think we should all thank Jack Gleeson for the excellent performance he has given us while on Game of Thrones. It takes a lot to make a character that repulsive and vile when you’re the complete opposite in real life.

Well done Jack.